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This is our Fantastic Flying Book Club area! Here you can find all the tours we have hosted and the ones that are going to happen really soon. That means a lot of news about books full of awesomeness, interviews with the authors, guest posts written by the authors, a lot of wonderful dream casts and great excerpts and favourite quotes!

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snowed beautiful broken girls
famous wintersong7 days of you the most dangerous thing
bone witch the slope rulesthe other f-word cheesus was herealone in paris blacksouls
how to make a wish the love interestthe best kind of magic the unlikeliesobsidian and stars internet famous
be true to me POST-HIGH SCHOOL REALITY QUESTthe suffering tree final girlssuch a good girl the disappearancesTHE BAKERSVILLE DOZEN A voiz size of the worldlucky in love of jenny and aliensLEAGUE OF AMERICAN TRAITORS  LOVE IS BOTH WAVE AND PARTICLEwhen i am through with you the united continuumsthe dire king light years
even the darkest stars speak easy speak lovethe clue in the trees hunting prince dracula13 minutes the nowhere girlsall the wind in the world the memory treesthis mortal coil flashtide
the chaos of standing still the truth beneath the lies

UNDERWATER bookishly ever afterthe heir and the spare identity crisisshallow graves the year we fell apartthe mystery of hallow places rise of the wolfMarked arrowsblackhearts KOAAfter the woods bluescreena study in charlotte the yearbooka daring sacrifice keeper of the mistsiren's song dig too deepdreamology requiem red13TH CONTINUUM bRIGHT BLAZE OF MAGICsuffer love unforgivableanything you want the girl I used to bethe season of you and me the inquisitionspark circle of jinncargo lies I live byresurgence ivory and boneabsolute brightness autofocusall the feels break me like a promiseunplugged what happens nowa quarrel called change places with mezero secrets lies and scandalssticks and stones my name is milena rokvasmash and grab the killer in meThe Voyage to Magical North valley of the moonhome field the creepy case files of margo maloogamescape going geeka mortal song stalking jack the ripperfear the drowning deep nemesisthe telling burned by fireiron cast unblemishedsticker girl blood red snow whitethe dark at the end everyday magicthe return of the continuums flashfallthis is our story aftermathfragmented

perfect couple tear you apartall that burns I Remember Youa wicked thing Dead To MeAsh Pretty Wantedwe all looked up Conspiracy of blood and smokeConspiracy of blood and smoke 99 DaysCold Burn of Magic love, lucasChantress Fury velvetvelvet a matter of heartcity love Hold me like a breathKissing in America siren's furyspelled the edge of foreverSummer of Chasing Mermaids Minnow BlyThe Night We Said Yes Under The Lightsthe revenger playbook Under The Lightsruthless most likely to succeedalways never sometimes Jubilee Manorrevelation the wandererssalvation like it never happenedbleed THE NEXT TOGETHERPIECES OF WHY TMTvery in pieces THIS ORDINARY LIFEFUTURE PERFECT ROMANCING THE DARK IN THE CITY OF LIGHTIt's A Wonderful Life TRUST ME, I'M TROUBLEuntamed fates dividedthe touched DHOMunderneath everything GabrielTASOAH KKLHSJV the awakeningfamily the first last boyCome back to me sanctuaryhalf in love with death WHAT'S BROKEN BETWEEN US

all that glows timestormsolving for ex the star thiefside effects may vary DoCall that glows chantress alchemymila PlayedMy last Kiss murder complexscandal dark daysmolly pierce unravelwild 17 first kissesstrange ever after all that glowsstorm siren feralAthena's Ashes JewelDon't Touch Remember Melailah trust me i'm lyingtrust me i'm lying foresworntear you apart gone too far

ink uniquely unwelcome
Ward not
find me FLORID EYESall that glows all that glowsall that glows sun poisoned

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