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The Fantastic Flying Book Club (FFBC) is organized by Patricia at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club and Anasheh at A Reading Nurse. We have been part of the blogging community since September 2013 and started our FFBC tours later that same year.
Each month we host at least one blog tour to celebrate the release of the book. All our love for books is what drive us to help authors behind those amazing stories by promoting the book. That's how all started and we hope we can continue our work for a very long time!
We offer this opportunity in exchange of reading the book. Our tours are free of charge and we do it, as we have said, because we love books.

Patricia López
· Profession: Chemical Engineer
· Country: Spain

Patri is one of the co-owners of the FFBC Tours as well as the owner and blogger of The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club (TUABFC). 

She loves books so much that on 2013 she had to open a website and blog about books (of course!).

Anasheh Satoorian
· Profession: Nurse
· Country: United States

Anasheh is the other co-owner of the FFBC Tours as well as the owner and blogger of A Reading Nurse

Thank you so much to everyone for visiting the FFBC Tours!

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