Authors & Publishers

If you're an author or publisher interested in organizing a blog tour, please send us an email to However, we recommend reading the information in this page carefully before emailing us.

We organize all the tours free of charge to help promote an upcoming book.

These are all the services the FFBC tours offer:

Blog Tours

Usually, a week-long virtual tour were the book is featured with reviews and, if chosen, with other promotional posts.
  • Conventional tour: a blog tour that consists of a main interview (with interviews for the author and about the book) hosted by the FFBC Tours the very first day of the blog tour as an opening post, 2 interviews with the bloggers (up to 5 questions per interview and these are provided by the bloggers), 2 guest posts (the bloggers provide at least 3 topics for the author to choose from), and book reviews.
  • Promotional tour: a blog tour that consists of a main interview (with interviews for the author and about the book) hosted by the FFBC Tours the very first day of the blog tour as an opening post, a variety of promotional posts (official book playlist, character playlist, official dream cast, tell your story in 3 or 5 GIFs, character interviews, guest posts with topics provided by the author, open guest posts, meet the characters, basic Q&A, story behind the cover, deleted scenes, sop 10 lists or a Book style), and book reviews.
  • Only Review tour: a blog tour that consists of a main interview (with interviews for the author and about the book) hosted by the FFBC Tours the very first day of the blog tour as an opening post and book reviews.
All types of blog tours include the opportunity for bloggers to create their own dream cast, their own book playlist or their favorite book quotes when reviewing the book.

Review Requests

An alternative to blog tours, and to gain some extra reviews in case that the book has already been released and/or the aim is to gain some more reviews (see below for more information). 
All these services can be modified to the author/publisher's wishes.

The books we tour are books we read or would consider reading, and that we think will interest our FFBC Team. In order to offer the best service, all the people on our tours need to be interested in the books we host. This is why, as of now, we are accepting the following genres for FFBC tours:
  • Young adult - all genres.
  • New adult & adult - Limited. We have organized a couple of new adult blog tours, but since our FFBC Team is mostly interested in YA books, we will consider the content of the book (if it's appropriate for most audiences). We, however, will try to offer you the best service possible.
If your novel does not fall into one of the above categories, but you think we will be interested in the story, don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to try to find the appropriate service for you and your book. 

For each tour, we work with 15-35 bloggers, depending on the tour. The main thing we would require is ARCs of the book. Most of the time we work with digital ARCs. If your publisher works with NetGalley or Edelweiss, we can send over an excel sheet with email addresses for them to send out galley widgets.

We usually offer 4 main types of posts: 
  • Book review
  • Welcome post - This consists of a 0-15 question interview with mostly fun questions as well as a few book related questions that will be posted on the first day of the tour to allow readers to get to know the author.
  • 2 or 3 blogger interviews - With 5 questions.
  • 2 or 3 guest posts - These can be topics from the bloggers or the author can choose a topic of their own, depending on what the author has in mind. Usually we ask bloggers to send over at least 3 topics.
We also offer bloggers the chance to express their creativity with additional promotional content to host along with their reviews, such as a dream cast of their choice, a spoiler-free excerpt that they liked (this can also be provided by the author/publisher), a favorite quote, or a playlist they would like to listen to while reading the story. 

Lastly, we usually host some kind of giveaway with the tour. Prizes, such as print books, e-books, swag, or gift cards, are completely up to the publisher or author.

This is what we usually do, but we can always modify things. If there's something you would like to take out, change, or include, we would love to know. 

These same details apply for the review-only tour, but there won't be promotional posts (interview and guest posts). 

This service is an alternative to a tour. We offer all the members of our FFBC the opportunity to review the book through a sign-up form. Once we receive a review request from our team, we send the books for them to read and they have 6 weeks to read and review it. 

We send all the information we receive to the author and they never miss anything.

To submit your request for a promotional event, email us at with the following information:
  • Book information - this includes the book title, genre, age group, and synopsis.
  • Book cover.
  • Type of event you are interested in organizing.
  • Anything you deem relevant.
Our main goal is to help all authors and publishers that reach out to us, however, we reserve the right to accept or decline any requests that we consider a poor fit for our team.


  1. What if a book is already published?

    1. Hello! We do our best to help authors. Even though the book has been published we offer the chance to read it to our FFBC Team members. If they are interested we organise a blog tour. If we don't have enough bloggers to organise a blog tour, we offer the author the chance to host a review request service instead.

      For more information, do not hesitate in contacting us at

  2. Would it be okay to send in a book 6 months before release to stir up some interest and excitement? What if your manuscript and cover are available, but the final edits have not been finished, and won't be until a month before release? Could the book be reviewed as is?

    1. Hello Jenn!
      Regarding the 6 months period, we can start working at any time. We recommend to start 3 months prior to the blog tour since it is a comfortable amount of time for both sides (bloggers and authors/publishers). However, it is not a problem starting sooner. The discussion of the tour details is something it is done with at list 6 months in advance, usually.
      As for the manuscript, if the ARC is not final and changes may be applied to the final version, we would inform bloggers of the status of the ARC and will ask them to include in their reviews that the manuscript they are reviewing is not the final version of the book.