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The Fantastic Flying Book Club (FFBC) is organized by Patricia at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club and Michelle at Pink Polka Dot Books. We have been part of the blogging community since September 2013 and started our FFBC tours later that same year.
Each month we host at least one blog tour to celebrate the release of the book. All our love for books is what drive us to help authors behind those amazing stories by promoting the book. That's how all started and we hope we can continue our work for a very long time!
We offer this opportunity in exchange for reading the book. Our tours are free of charge and we do it, as we have said because we love books.

Booking a tour is the best choice to reach all the potential readers of your book out there. It's a service reachable worldwide and it gives your book exposure by being promoted on several websites.

With the different types of posts, a blog tour has to offer, readers can have an insight to your book that maybe they would have never had by only reading the book. You can give the opportunity of knowing your characters and the story by hosting interviews, guest posts, dream casts, etc. 

Appearing on different websites all over the world is what creates this exposure and this is why we need an FFBC Team. Moreover, the tours are the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the blogging community and get to know them.

Booking a tour is a new experience, like an actual book tour, one you can enjoy from home while your book is being promoted and you still can interact with all the fans out there. It's something everyone will enjoy!

While the FFBC Tours are not a company who charges for their services, we take this job very seriously and treat it as a business. Therefore, we are very professional while working: we spend all our time making sure the tours work and that are perfectly organized, we give the tours priority over our own blogs and this service has become a second job for us.

We now have a couple of years of experience in this world and while we know how to proceed, we try to reinvent ourselves every time to make our tours more successful. 

All the authors we have worked with are considered FFBC authors. Here is a full list of the authors we have worked with so far:

And more are coming!

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