Review Request: Ray of Light (The Incandescent Series, #1) by Elle Scott

/ Apr 15, 2017

Hello FFBC Team! We are announcing a new book in the FFBC Tours available for review. Ray of Light written by Elle Scott. It's a great Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy story.

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Ray of Light (The Incandescent Series, #1)
by Elle Scott
Publisher: DJB
Release Date: March 17th 2017
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Contemporary, Sci-Fi


"Even after darkness has crept throughout my body and threatened to leave me empty, I don't feel hollow. Instead, a small sparkle of light glistens in the distance, and it's called hope." - Nora Ray 

What if five minutes became five years? 
What if your friends became foes? 
What if every truth became a lie? 

Yesterday, Nora worked for Palladium Enterprises with her closest friends, collecting orbs that have the power to protect and destroy. 
Today, she's caught in a war. 

One choice can change everything. 

Ray of Light is Elle Scott's debut novel, and is the first in a Speculative Fiction trilogy called The Incandescent Series. Ray of light follows three strong females as they find themselves in the crossfire of a war over mysterious orbs. The strange appearance of these orbs, where they come from, or what they will be used for is not what threatens these girls the most; their biggest obstacle will be the choices they each have to make. 

Whose choices will lead to peace, and whose will lead to destruction? 

If you love Lauren Oliver, Claudia Grey, and Rachael Craw, you will love this powerful new speculative fiction trilogy for Young Adults.

Elle Scott lives in scenic Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia with her husband, two sons, three cats and one big, goofy Labrador. 

She writes fast-paced fiction that stretch reality. Always with a hint of romance.

Elle also tells real stories with her camera, and is a multi-award winning family photographer.

Elle hopes to one day run workshops for self-conscious women, to turn them from a wallflower to a wildflower and give them the confidence to chase their dreams with ferocity.

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