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The Fantastic Flying Book Club (FFBC) is organized by Patricia at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, Michelle at Pink Polka Dots Books, and Lauriane at L.M. Durand's YA Book blog. They have been part of the blogging community since September 2013 and started the FFBC tours later that same year.

Our love of books is what drives us to help the authors and publishers behind those amazing stories. That's how it all started and we hope we can continue our work for a very long time! 

We offer authors the opportunity to tour with us in exchange for the ability to read their book. Our tours are free of charge.

  • It allows you to reach potential readers worldwide across multiple sites.
  • Readers get additional insight into your book. 
  • You give readers the opportunity to know you, your characters, and your story by participating in interviews with our bloggers and writing unique guest posts and other promotional content.
  • It's the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the blogging community and get to know them.
  • There's no traveling on your part, and you can enjoy interacting with your fans from the comfort of your home.

We do not charge for our services, but we still take this job very seriously and treat it as a business. We are very professional and spend hours each week working behind the scenes to make sure the tours are well organized and go off without a hitch. The three of us have years of experience as book bloggers and event organizers. We're constantly reinventing ourselves as the blogging world changes, and endeavor to make each tour a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Here's a list of just a few of the authors we've worked with so far!

Carolyn Lee Adams
Dahlia Adler
Emily Adrian
Emily Albright
Kwame Alexander
Rachael Allen
Adi Alsaid
Isabel Bandeira
Bree Barton
Alexis Bass
Jenn Bennett
Ashley Herring Blake
Terri Bailey Black
Anne Blankman
M. Beth Bloom
Nadine Brandes
Anna Bright
Demetra Brodsky
Jessica Brody
Amelia Brunskill
Nicole Castroman
Brittany Cavallaro
Gloria Chao
Emma Chastain
Rin Chupeco
Susane Colasanti
Katie Cotugno
Laurie Boyle Crompton
Michelle Dalton
Somaiya Daud
Melanie Dickerson
Amy Fellner Dominy
Lindsey Duga
Jennifer Echols
Sara Ella
Julie Eshbaugh
Jennifer Estep
Heather Fawcett
Kit Frick
McKelle George
Lauren Gibaldi
Lori Goldstein
Melissa Gorzelanczyk

Amy Butler Greenfield

Bethany Hagen

Heather Hepler
April Henry
McCall Hoyle
Charlotte Huang
Melissa E. Hurst
Gordon Jack
Ann Jacobus
Lauren James
S. Jae-Jones
Kalyn Josephson
Christina June
Stacey Kade
Claire Kennedy
Matthew Landis
Mackenzie Lee
April Lindner
C.J. Lyons
Sangu Mandanna
Kerri Maniscalco
Sarah Glenn Marsh
Emily Martin
Taran Matharu
Meredith Miller
Stephanie Morrill
Laura Williams McCaffrey
Lauren K. McKellar
Jenny Moyer
Sarah Ockler
Kate Ormand
Margaret Owen
Rebecca Podos
Sara Raasch

Margo Rabb
Amy Reed
Melissa Reichardt
Mara Rutherford
Riley Sager
Kim Savage
Tiffany Schmidt
Sarah J. Schmitt
Melissa Schorr
Laura Silverman
Alexandra Sirowy
Amber Smith
Rachel Lynn Solomon
Danika Stone
Annie Sullivan
Nova Ren Suma
Emily Suvada
Rhiannon Thomas
Mary Elizabeth Summer
Lillie Val
Jennifer Walkup
Kali Wallace
Tommy Wallach
Jenna Evans Welch
Dan Wells
Kasie West
Temple West

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