Working with The Fantastic Flying Book Club was an absolute pleasure! Communication was prompt, and the tour hosts were so friendly and eager to accommodate! Each stop on the tour was fun and unique. I will definitely be calling upon the FFBC to market my future works! Thanks again to this fabulous team! -Jen Castleberry, bestselling author of  WILD AND UNREMARKABLE THING

I toured with FFBC for my debut novel, DARK DAYS, and it was a great experience. They were so organised and really took care of me. I couldn’t have asked for nicer hosts and was so thankful to those who signed up to have me on their blog. I felt like the week really gave DARK DAYS a boost and I enjoyed every minute. Thanks, FFBC! - Kate Ormand, author of DARK DAYS (out now)and THE WANDERERS (Sept 2015) with Skyhorse Publishing/Sky Pony Press

I loved working with FFBC Tours when my book, FORESWORN, released. Everything was handled through one contact, I was given the list of participating blogs fast, and everyone involved was super friendly. The entire experience was excellent and I will happily work with them again. - Rinda Elliott, author of the SISTERS OF FATE series. 

I have done two book tours with The Fantastic Flying Book Club. Both Patri and Anasheh go above and beyond the call of duty to spread the news of my books to readers. From creating banners to organizing enthusiastic bloggers, my experience with them has been stellar. They're considerate of my requests and make this aspect of book promotion as easy as possible. - Ryan Graudin, author of the ALL THAT GLOWS series and THE WALLED CITY

The Fantastic Flying Book Club truly is fantastic! I used them for when I released the third book in a series and so many people became involved and immediately drove traffic to my book, all thanks to them! - Nikki Rae, author of the SUNSHINE series. 

The Fantastic Flying Book Club puts together great blog tours. Patri and Anasheh are professional, organized, and a pleasure to work with. Not only they passionate about books and authors, but they're a lot of fun, too! - Anne Blankman, author of PRISONER OF NIGHT AND FOG, a Sydney Taylor Notable Book of 2015, and CONSPIRACY OF BLOOD AND SMOKE

Three cheers for FFBC Tours! Enthusiastic, responsive, dedicated, and beautifully organized, they're great at connecting readers and books. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with them. - Amy Butler Greenfield, author of the CHANTRESS TRILOGY

Working with FFBC Tours was not only loads of fun, but incredibly easy! They coordinated everything, and all I had to do was write my guest posts or interviews. As an author with a totally full schedule, I really appreciated being able to hand off all the blog tour admin stuff to these fabulous ladies. - Susan Dennard, author of the SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY series. 

FFBC Tours was a joy to work with! I appreciated how well the organizers communicated with me, and they were so understanding and helpful when inevitable snags happened. Everything was organized so well and the tour went great! I loved working with them. - Shallee McArthur, author of THE UNHAPPENING OF GENESIS LEE

I've been so lucky to work with The Fantastic Flying Book Club for FIND ME and REMEMBER ME's releases. Anasheh and Patricia make the whole process incredibly easy. They're friendly, fun, have great blog topic ideas, and they're organized--which is doubly wonderful for authors because launches can play total havoc with our schedules. I recommend them to all my author friends and I can't wait to work with them for my trilogy's last book, TRUST ME. I know they'll help me come up with something amazing. - Romily Bernard, author of the FIND ME series. 

My experience working with FFBC was awesome. The organizers did a masterful job getting the word out to other bloggers, and put together a phenomenal book tour for me to increase buzz for my debut, LOVE AND OTHER THEORIES. They made everything very easy and efficient. I had a fabulous time working with them! - Alexis Bass, author of LOVE & OTHER THEORIES and WHAT'S BROKEN BETWEEN US

I couldn't be happier with my experience with FFBC. As a debut, I had about a billion questions, and Patri and Anasheh were awesome about explaining how everything works and making things easy for someone doing their first blog tours. Plus, they're really fun to work with! I'll definitely be contacting them in the future! - Rachel Allen, author of 17 FIRST KISSES and THE REVENGE PLAYBOOK

Working with FFBC Tours was such a treat! Everyone was so enthusiastic, and I had a blast during my tour. I’d highly recommend The Fantastic Flying Book Club to other YA authors! - Jen McConnell, author of DAUGHTER OF CHAOS, BEAUTIFUL CURSE and the ISOBEL KEY series. 

My name is Nikki Kelly and I am the author of LAILAH, my debut novel and the first book in the Styclar Saga (Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan/ A FIERCE READS title). I had the absolute pleasure of being hosted by the Fantastic Flying Book Club for LAILAH'S blog tour. Anasheh and Patri organised the entire tour, from collecting initial interest from bloggers, right through to the facilitation of the daily posts during the tour. Anasheh has fantastic relationships with the bloggers out in the sphere, and was able to pull together a fusion of heavy hitters, talented up and comers, and special interest PNR bloggers. While Patri is a whizz at the design, graphics and dreaded coding! Patri ensured the tour banners were carefully crafted, and the landing page for the tour was beautifully designed, blending professionalism with fun and fantastic! My PR guru at Macmillan and I, chose The Fantastic Flying Book Club because they had hosted other successful blog tours for other authors with Mac, and boy, they brought their A game. I genuinely could not have asked for a better team behind LAILAH's launch, I consider myself ridiculously lucky to have had them host. Since the tour, both Anasheh and Patri have become firm friends of mine, and I can't wait to work with them again—this, ladies and gentleman, is the dream team! Thank you Anasheh and Patri for the amazing tour—for the limitless time, effort, love and care you put into the project—I absolutly can't wait to work with you again! xox - Nikki Kelly, author of LAILAH

When my first book- THE HALF LIFE OF MOLLY PIERCE- hit shelves in July 2014, I was a total rookie. I had only the faintest idea about the online YA community, and I didn't know what I was getting into when FFBC contacted me about doing a tour (I didn't even know what a tour was). But I'm SO happy FFBC was my first experience- I was met with nothing but supportive, lovely people who kept my interests at the forefront of their tour. Couldn't recommend them more, and can't wait to start the process all over with my next book! - Katrina Leno, author of THE HALF LIFE OF MOLLY PIERCE

The Fantastic Flying Book Club is every bit as fantastic as its title claims. I was completely lost when it came to organizing a blog tour for my debut novel TRUST ME, I'M LYING. Then Patri and Anasheh swooped in like magical fairies and poof! I suddenly had a blog tour with nearly fifty bloggers clamoring to participate. It would have been overwhelming, but Patri and Anasheh expertly guided me through the author end of things--preparing the interview, managing the requests for guest post material, and running the blog tour giveaway. They answered any questions I had almost immediately, and were enthusiastic cheerleaders for me throughout the tour. I could not have asked for a better, more worthwhile experience than my FFBC blog tour. It was everything I'd hoped for, everything my book needed, and more. I can't wait for my second book's blog tour! I have no doubt it will be equally as epic as the first. - Mary Elizabeth Summer, author of the TRUST ME series. 

As a debut author, navigating the book blogging world was a bit daunting. The blog tour FFBC set up for me was a great success! Patricia’s outreach and enthusiasm made the experience so much fun. I highly recommend working with FFBC for you next blog tour. You won’t be disappointed! - Robin Constantine, author of THE PROMISE OF AMAZING

"I've worked with FFBC Tours for my last two YA novels, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them! In my six years of writing and promoting YA novels, Patri and Anasheh are among the most professional, organized, and communicative tour organizers I've ever worked with, and best of all -- they're super passionate about books. They handled everything from organizing the participating blogs, creating promotional graphics, to signal boosting tour posts, plus lots of behind the scenes details to keep things running smoothly. In a single tour, we reached tens of thousands of potential readers. If blog tours could be rated on Goodreads, I'd give FFBC Tours 5 enthusiastic stars." - Sarah Ockler, bestselling author of several YA novels, including TWENTY BOY SUMMER and THE SUMMER OF CHASING MERMAIDS

"From the first contact, I knew my debut novel BECOMING JINN — as well as myself! — would be in excellent hands with FFBC and Patri and Anasheh. They were professional, responsible, incredibly organized, and their bloggers asked terrific questions that allowed me to really give readers an inside look at BECOMING JINN. Every step of the way, FFBC was on top of every aspect of the tour — and as an organizational nut myself, they continually impressed me. The buzz generated from their tour was fantastic, and I can only hope to work with them again for the sequel! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you!" - Lori Goldstein, author of BECOMING JINN

"I had an amazing experience with The Fantastic Flying Book Club. They were so lovely and supportive, and I loved working with them." - Lauren Gibaldi, author of THE NIGHT WE SAID YES

"Patricia and Anasheh were so incredibly well organized through the entire tour process. They kept track of everything (tour participants, ARC requests, as well as the various posts that were to occur) on a spreadsheet, which made the process really easy. They took a lot of the stress off and were completely supportive along the way. They were also very professional and friendly. The blog tour was a great experience!" - Stephanie Oakes, author of THE SACRED LIES OF MINNOW BLY

"Thanks to The Fantastic Flying Book Club, I had the most successful book launch to date. They organized a tour that not only made my book discoverable, but helped me gained great sales and quotable reviews." - Dax Varley/Dotti Enderle, author of BLEED and the SLEEPY HOLLOW SERIES among other novels

"Patricia and Anasheh at FFBC were a delight to work with. Their enthusiasm and creativity made my tour a fun and exciting experience, and I'm very grateful for everything they did for my book." - Lauren James, author of THE NEXT TOGETHER

"I absolutely adored my book tour with The Fantastic Flying Book Club! It was SO very well organized, professional, and also a big success! They made the weeks leading up to my book release really great, and helped create a lot of buzz for my book. Their reviewers were thorough, honest, and dependable to post on the tour schedule. It was really a great experience. I highly recommend this tour company!" - Jennifer Walkup, author of THIS ORDINARY LIFE and SECOND VERSE

"Working with Patricia and Anasheh was one of the easiest things I did for my launch. Not only are they are entirely professional, they are flexible and considerate. They patiently explained all that I didn't understand as a newbie, and gave me great leeway in how much material I needed to provide. The bloggers also did a great job. Everything was brilliantly organized and went off without a hitch in the two weeks around my release date. Five stars! Highly recommended!" - Ann Jacobus, author of ROMANCING THE DARK IN THE CITY OF LIGHT

"The Fantastic Flying Book Club organised the tour for my debut novel, UNTAMED, and I am overwhelmed with just how much effort Patricia and Anasheh put in. All emails were replied to speedily, and I was given a list of participating bloggers early on so I could follow the tour too, which was great. And the tour that was created (a mix of reviews, promotional posts, interviews and dream casts) was perfect and exactly what I wanted. The banners were also very professional--I love them! It was such a great experience, and definitely helped get my book exposure. Thank you!" - Madeline Dyer, author of UNTAMED (Prizm Books, May 2015)

"I loved the Fantastic Flying Book Tour for my novel Pieces of Why! Fun, easy, and a great way to make new connections with readers." - K.L. Going, author of PIECES OF WHY

"I can't thank The Fantastic Flying Book Club enough for organizing the blog tour for my debut book. I was so overwhelmed I never would have done it on my own, and with their connections I got much more exposure during my publication week than I would have otherwise. They were professional and enthusiastic, and the tour worked out perfectly. They are a fantastic part of the writing community." - Marcy Paul, author of UNDERNEATH EVERYTHING

"The FFBC is utterly fantastic! I’ve been a tour host with them for a little over two years and when the releasing of my debut novel The Touched arrived, I knew immediately who I wanted to book with. Not only is FFBC amazing in every way, they made me feel apart of my tour as well as part of the FFBC family. They are passionate about books and the authors that write them and that is a quality that truly makes working with them a pleasure. Enthusiastic, dedicated and professional, I look forward to working with them time and time again!" - Jennifer Weiser, author of THE TOUCHED

"The FFBC did a fabulous blog tour for the release of my debut novel, THE HEIR AND THE SPARE. Patricia and Anasheh were extremely professional and made sure everything went smoothly. They made it all easy and effortless. I’d definitely work with them again in the future." - Emily Albright, author of THE HEIR AND THE SPARE

"My novel "The Yearbook" went on tour with the Fantastic Flying Book Club in March 2016. The FFBC were very enthusiastic and set everything up. You can tell they love what they're doing. I had a great week of reviews and interviews with bloggers, and the tour really drew attention to my novel. Thank you, FFBC!" - Carol Masciola, author of THE YEARBOOK

"Fantastic Flying Book Club was wonderful — organized, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with. If you're a YA blogger hoping to host authors as part of book tours, or a YA author considering a tour, I recommend getting in touch with them." - Laura Williams McCaffrey, author of MARKED

Written by our FFBC Team Members:

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke by Anne Blankman

Gabriel by Nikki Kelly

The Wanderers by Kate Ormand


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